Benefits of Musical Training- Harvard

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Harvard-based researchers find a link between early musical training and cognitive capacities that allow for planned, controlled behavior. A large body of research has noted a link between music education and higher test scores. But precisely why learning an instrument would have a positive impact on academic achievement has never been clear.
A new study from Boston Children’s Hospital provides a possible answer. It reports musical training may promote the development and maintenance of a key set of mental skills.

pamfri114Benefits of Musical Training- Harvard

Ipad Apps For Piano Students

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If you want to get adventurous, here's just a sample of some exciting Ipad Apps for Piano Students which will enhance your music performance and fun. Score/PDF Reading Forscore – this is the best music-viewing app I’ve found: it allows you to store and view sheet music. It pretty much holds as much music as your iPad has capacity. Files need ...
pamfri114Ipad Apps For Piano Students

The Advantages of Adult Piano

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Today, more and more adults are taking piano lessons.  Many adult piano students find that playing beautiful music relaxes them after a long day at work. Piano lessons are a wonderful outlet for feelings, emotions and stress!  Mastering each piece of music provides a great sense of value and enjoyment. Lessons also improve one’s discipline, focus and concentration. It is impossible to count the …

pamfri114The Advantages of Adult Piano

Why Private Piano Lessons

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Why Private lessons? While it’s true that a wealth of information for self-study is available through online lessons, software, methods books, CDs, and DVDs; information is only a part of learning to play piano. Correct application of the information is essential to success. A great teacher can help people overcome even the most confusing landscape. No gift can bring more …

pamfri114Why Private Piano Lessons

Best Age To Begin Piano Lessons?

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The piano is often the first musical instrument introduced to a child. Learning to play can be fun and exciting, as long as the child is mature enough to handle the lesson and material. So, what’s the Best Age To Begin Piano lessons? While there’s no one “right” answer, here are some basic guidelines. Emotional and Behavioral Maturity Some kids are ready …

pamfri114Best Age To Begin Piano Lessons?

What Type Of Instrument Should You Buy?

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Piano lessons are a great investment, but what if you don’t own a piano? What type of instrument should you buy? Is it really necessary, or will a smaller, more manageable keyboard do the trick? If you’re asking these questions, consider the following as you make your decision… How committed are you? The first question you’ll want to ask yourself …

pamfri114What Type Of Instrument Should You Buy?

Why Play Piano?

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It’s a simple question: Why play Piano? Music and music education should play a large role in the life of everyone;  for the musical skills it imparts, the cultural knowledge it conveys and, above all, the joy it brings. Music is one of the ways we make sense of our lives, express feelings when we have no words and is …

pamfri114Why Play Piano?